Introducing the Klaviyo plugin

We’re adding Stripe integration to formspree-react. Now, with just a few lines of JavaScript you can create a fully custom payment form.

June Update

Today I want to talk about something we’ve been working on for a while. You may have noticed a change to the Formspree dashboard UI. A few weeks back we soft launched a new design for the main forms page, and forms detail pages. Before that we updated the accounts page, so now pretty much the entire product has a new design.

Adding 2 factor authentication to secure your account

Today, we’re opening up the ability for all our users to add extra security to their account by enabling two-factor authentication (2FA). We know how important your form data is, so we’re happy to offer you an additional way to secure your account. 🔐 The process should feel very familiar to you if you’ve set up 2FA on other websites. You can set up 2 factor authentication by visiting your account settings and clicking Setup in the Formspree Dashboard.

October Update

Nothing says “autumn” like pumpkin spice lattes and a big frontend refactor. At least that’s what we were going for when we started switching Formspree over to tailwind this summer. But we’ll get to that in a minute.

Today we’re announcing three new features for Formspree users.

Announcing Discord & Mailerlite integration

We’ve brought Discord and Mailerlite to our roster of form Plugins, allowing you to send form submission directly into your favourite chat app and create custom subscribe forms for your email subscriptions.

Formspree and StaticKit combine to offer powerful dynamic functionality for your static site

StaticKit is joining Formspree to create the best form solution for any developer. StaticKit will provide Formspree users with a modern JavaScript workflow that plays well with React, NPM, Vercel and Netlify. Today we’re launching the Formspree CLI, and Formspree React libraries based on StaticKit. Over the next few months, we’ll be porting over our suite of plugins. This will expand the number of functions developers can deploy into their websites with just a few lines in their formspree.json file.

August New Feature Roundup

Formspree has been cranking out new capabilities and fixing bugs. Here’s the latest new features that have dropped over the last few weeks.

Three new tools to fight spam

Fighting spam is one of the hardest challenges for any form backend, whether you build your own or use a service like Formspree. To help our customers cut back on spam, today we’re announcing three new tools: Custom reCAPTCHA support, authorized domains and the profanity filter.

Formspree now has a blog!

Hey y’all! We launched our blog! (duh) A few cool things about this blog. It’s f–king gorgeous, right? It has a unique taxonomy feature called Series. We expect to publish series of posts on a single topic, and we wanted a way to link those posts together into a single narrative. So we created landing pages that make these stories and tutorials easier to navigate. We shall see how it goes.