October Update

We're launching Formshield, Advanced Spam Filtering, and our new Vercel Integration. Also an update on our frontend refactor. 🔧


Nothing says “autumn” like pumpkin spice lattes and a big frontend refactor. At least that’s what we were going for when we started switching Formspree over to tailwind this summer. But we’ll get to that in a minute.

Today we’re announcing three new features for Formspree users.

  1. We’re launching Formshield, our intelligent spam filter, and making it available to all users.
  2. We’re enabling advanced spam filtering for users on our Professional and higher plans.
  3. Earlier this month we launched our Vercel integration.


We’ve been developing Formshield for over two years. It’s a machine learning spam filter that’s trained on millions of form submissions, and is constantly evolving as we discover new spam patterns. For the last few months, we’ve been slowly rolling out Formshield and transitioning off Akismet. With Formshield we can filter a much larger volume of submissions, allowing us to offer spam filtering to all users, including those on the free plan.


Advanced Spam Filtering

We’re enabling advanced spam filtering for users on our professional and higher plans. This feature provides control over Formshield, letting you set the aggressiveness of the filter, and tweak the categories of spam to filter out.

Advanced Spam Filtering Screenshot

Vercel Integration

This month we launched our Vercel integration. Vercel is a popular hosting platform for JamStack and serverless websites, brought to you by the creators of NextJS. The Formspree-Vercel integration lets you add and configure forms for your NextJS projects faster than ever before, including setting environment variables that make building react forms a breeze.

Vercel Integration Screenshot

Refactoring Frontend to Tailwind

Finally lets talk about this refactor. We’ve been switching Formspree over to tailwind one page at a time. Tailwind makes it easier for us to build frontend user experiences, and there are a ton of improvements we have been anxious to ship that will be much easier with Tailwind. However in the interim, while we’re working on the refactor, page load times are slower since we’re loading two different CSS frameworks. If you noticed this, we apologize and thank you for bearing with us. Once the refactor is complete we’ll be back to normal, with fewer full page refreshes and a faster user experience overall.

That’s it for this update. Thanks for tuning in. As always, we love your feedback. Please send us a note below.

Best of luck and happy Fall! ✌️

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