Formspree and StaticKit combine to offer powerful dynamic functionality for your static site


StaticKit is joining Formspree to create the best form solution for any developer. StaticKit will provide Formspree users with a modern JavaScript workflow that plays well with React, NPM, Vercel and Netlify. Today we’re launching the Formspree CLI, and Formspree React libraries based on StaticKit. Over the next few months, we’ll be porting over our suite of plugins. This will expand the number of functions developers can deploy into their websites with just a few lines in their formspree.json file.

Formspree StaticKit Announcement

The new JavaScript workflow joins our existing HTML and Formbutton workflows to offer great experiences for any developer, whether you’re a React hacker, HTML and CSS developer or savvy marketing pro.

StaticKit will continue to function until the end of the year to give users ample time to transition. In most cases, current StaticKit users will be able to upgrade to the new Formspree libraries by updating their package.json file and changing a few component names. The React library and form configuration files are compatible. We’ve documented the process thoroughly in our StaticKit migration guide here.

The promise of the JAMStack is simplicity, lowered maintenance and higher performance. However, “going serverless” isn’t a win if you’re just moving complexity to a bunch of scripts that must be separately developed and maintained. Now Formspree provides a simple workflow for adding many common dynamic functions to your site with just a few lines in a config file. We handle maintenance, spam, integrations, retries with exponential backoff and other thorny issues so you can focus on what makes your website unique.

We hope you’re excited as we are about this new chapter. If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions of services you’d like to integrate into your static site, please let us know below!

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