Formspree now has a blog!

We've been holding onto this blog for too long. It's time to ship it!


Hey y’all! We launched our blog! (duh)

A few cool things about this blog.

  1. It’s f–king gorgeous, right?
  2. It has a unique taxonomy feature called Series. We expect to publish series of posts on a single topic, and we wanted a way to link those posts together into a single narrative. So we created landing pages that make these stories and tutorials easier to navigate. We shall see how it goes.
  3. It’s build with Hugo and hosted on Netlify. We’re using Netlify partly because it’s great for hosting static content like this website. Also, we want to keep up with the tools our users are using, and many of our users use Netlify. That’s great, but it’s not the only way to do it. Part of the goal of this blog is to showcase the variety of hosting options and tools out there for static sites.

Why it’s taken so long

We’ve been sitting on this blog for a while, much to the shagrin of our designer, Eric. Why? Because we’ve been hung up on the idea that we need enough quality content to make the blog look active before launching. However, without a place to post content, we haven’t put any out!

Well, today I was watching a video on developer product marketing where @briandoll said, as a marketer…

You should focus on documenting, not creating – @briandoll

After hearing that quote I snapped. I thought, that’s it, we need to launch the blog. Who cares if it looks empty. If we’re gonna document our progress, we need a place to post! Until we launch the blog, we’ll keep missing opportunities to share all the great stuff we’re doing.

So here it is, a gorgeous empty blog with one post that says we launched the blog. Deal with it.

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