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An online publication brought to you by the team at Formspree featuring editorial writing and technical how-tos on static site generation, HTML forms, and other web technologies you can use to get your site well built and running fast on the Internet.

Create a Simple HTML Contact Form with Google Sheets + Formspree

HTML is great for making your website look and work exactly how you want it to—but it can be a pain to work with. We’re here to make it easier and streamline the process of adding an HTML contact form to your website. It can also be a pain to make form data accessible to everyone on your team, so we’ll also show you how to integrate it with Google Sheets, which, chances are, you’re already using.

Custom Stripe Forms With No Server Code

In this tutorial we’ll create a payment form using Stripe Elements that submits to Formspree. Then we’ll configure Formspree to accept the payment and complete the Stripe transaction. In the end we’ll have a custom payment form that fits our website’s unique style.