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An online publication brought to you by the team at Formspree featuring editorial writing and technical how-tos on static site generation, HTML forms, and other web technologies you can use to get your site well built and running fast on the Internet.

Blogophonic: A Free Hugo Theme for Blogs

At Formspree we love static site generators. Our frontsite is built on Hugo, and we’ve made websites with pretty much every major SSG. It’s satisfying to deploy a site and walk away without a care. There’s no ongoing maintenance, no updating. It’s just out there. However, when we were building the Formspree blog, we struggled to find a good static site theme. It seemed like, to get a professionally designed, feature rich blog, we had to either:

Three new tools to fight spam

Fighting spam is one of the hardest challenges for any form backend, whether you build your own or use a service like Formspree. To help our customers cut back on spam, today we’re announcing three new tools: Custom reCAPTCHA support, authorized domains and the profanity filter.

Formspree now has a blog!

Hey y’all! We launched our blog! (duh) A few cool things about this blog. It’s f–king gorgeous, right? It has a unique taxonomy feature called Series. We expect to publish series of posts on a single topic, and we wanted a way to link those posts together into a single narrative. So we created landing pages that make these stories and tutorials easier to navigate. We shall see how it goes.