Form Library

A collection of example HTML forms with code that you can edit live, then download or copy/paste. A minimal form reset css is included that should work with most sites.

Simple Contact Form

Use this simple HTML contact form on your website to provide viewers a quick and easy way to send you an email message without them having to know your email address.

Survey Form

Use this HTML Survey Form to check your customers satisfaction level. You'll understand better what works well in your offering and what could use some improvement.

Basic RSVP Form

This RSVP Form with HTML includes everything you need to gather information from your guests, whether it's just a dinner with friends, or a huge celebration.

Department Contact Form

This HTML Contact Form with a department drop-down will allow customers to send an email the right department without having to know the email address.

Registration Form

Use this HTML Registration Form to let people sign up for your offering, whether it's a free e-book or an in-person workshop.

Complaint Form

Use this HTML Complaint Form to provide an outlet for your customers to voice their displeasure so you can fix the problem.